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    In rejected connected connection, most of the inbound sender encounters. Here we will see the problem with the message being sent indicated by a roadrunner email inbound error message. Following are some errors we will see:

    • 550 5.1.1

    Invalid MailBox:

    In which when the email address of the user does not match or does not exist or the account of that user is not active.

    • 552 5.3.4

    Message Too Large:

    Message rejects when message content will reach the maximum limit, i.e., whenever you try to send the message with more great content than the given deadline. To Inbound message, roadrunner put a limit to 30mb.

    • 554

    Virus Detected:

    • 550 5.7.1

    Message Rejected:

    The message contains the virus.

    • 554 5.7.1

    Null Sender with Multiple Recipients not Allowed here:

    Roadrunner email inbound error will accept messages from the null sender, but the limit is thereof one recipient for such a message, and it will block to send message to another called “Spam”.

    • 553 5.1.2

    Recipient address not local. Relaying denied.

    • 421 4.3.2

    Connection refused:

    The server is going busy; Please try back later.

    • 451 4.3.2

    Internal error:

    • 451 4.3.0

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