Horesepower with Star Power: Bright (Head)lights, Big Money

There are few shortcuts to feeling famous, but slipping behind the wheel of a famous (or infamous) car may be one of them. You can get to Carnegie Hall via practice; but in a celebrity car, the route to stardom becomes the journey itself. Cars driven by a celebrity...

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The Funny Car has a serious pull upon car culture and drag racing, where it represents a legitimate racing class that’s still grabbing headlines today. Resembling “oversized stock cars,” according to ESPN, Funny Cars have their roots in “Altered Wheelbase...

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Owl Be There!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar; sometimes it’s a record-breaking race car. Such is the case with the Smokin’ White Owl, the distinctively-shaped dragster conceived and built by Ollie Morris, Fred Offenhauser’s chief engineer, in 1954.  It was smokin’ not just in...

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Made in the U.S.A.

Our cars speak volumes about our values. Yet many Americans who readily support our economy still struggle over whether to buy foreign or domestic cars, especially because of misconceptions that persist—despite the fact that American autos have made enormous strides....

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Trips Down Muscle Memory Lane

Light bodies and powerful engines combine in the muscle car—a colorful thread of American history that’s still unspooling. Let’s rev our engines for a trip down Muscle Memory Lane: It began with a drink – or the lack thereof. Due to Prohibition, bootleggers in the...

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